1. Introduction

  • At OPLA DESIGN, we want you to have a positive experience every time you shop with us. Sometimes, however, we know you may want to return items you purchased. This Returns Refund Policy sets out our terms for accepting returns and issuing refunds for items purchased on OPLA DESIGN.

2. Return deadline and conditions for accepting returns

  • Subject to the rules set out in the returns policy, OPLA DESIGN offers returns for most products within 7 days of delivery.
  • After the return period, we cannot take a product back from you except in the cases listed below:
  • The arrival of the assembly is broken
  • The arrival of the assembly has defects

3. Items that cannot be returned

  • If you purchase a product on As Customized
  • You can't bring him back.

4. Packaging returns

  • When you return an item for any reason, you must do so in the exact condition you received it from OPLA DESIGN, with its original packaging and all tags and labels attached. Returned items are your responsibility until they reach us, so please make sure they are properly packaged and cannot be damaged in transit.
  • You must not include in the packaging of the returned item any item that is not part of the returned item as it was initially received from OPLA DESIGN. You must remove and completely discard any personal data relating to you and/or any third party that may be present in any Material. OPLA DESIGN will not be responsible for any items mistakenly contained in a returned package, or for any data breach resulting from the failure to dispose of personal data contained in a returned item.

5. Refunds

  • If we accept your return, or if you order but do not receive an item, we aim to refund the purchase price of the item within the time frame stated on the returns times page.
  • For incorrect, defective or damaged items, you will also be refunded the full delivery charge for the returned items, once your return has been processed.
  • The refund request form must indicate which payment method(s) for receiving refunds are available to you.

6. Rejected Return and Refund Requests and Confiscation

  • All items are inspected upon return to verify the reasons for return provided. If your return request is not approved by OPLA DESIGN, you will not receive a refund of the purchase price or shipping costs, and we will make 2 delivery attempts within 3 business days.
  • If both delivery attempts are unsuccessful, we will notify you immediately that we will hold the item for an additional 30 days from the date of initial notification. Our notification will include details of the pick-up location and opening hours.
  • If you do not collect the item within the required time frame, you will lose the item, i.e. the item will become the property of OPLA DESIGN and OPLA DESIGN may dispose of it in any manner it deems appropriate, e.g. through sale, charitable donation, recycling or destruction.

7. No exchange

  • We do not offer exchanges. If you would like a different size or color, please return your unwanted item and place a new order.

For more information, contact us:

  • contact@opladesign.com
  • +212625258275